Prints are presented in two different formats. The smaller prints represent the input of the online Chatroom— the machines that mediate the connection, while the larger prints represent the output of the virtual connection — the ability to display and share personal environments with users worldwide.

A computer is seen running Chatroulette in real time. The mock space being fed into the computers webcam and thus broadcasted through the website is constructed to appear as a private domestic space. Acting as an interactive illustration of my process, visitors will be able to interface with the site and experience the potential and lack thereof, for creating meaningful connection with users.

Throughout the exhibition, the screen will be recorded and the interactions will be fed back into Chatroulette and recorded again after the exhibition closes. Further playing with possibilities of space and the possibilities appropriation and re-appropriation. The book Other Rooms is presented on a table.

The combination of mediums thus challenges the relationship individuals have with their own environments and the environments of others as they come to terms with the impact and potential possibilities of preserving intimate visual information on a platform that is meant to encourage interactions that are anonymous and fleeting.

Allan McCullom Allan McCullom Allan McCullom